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Business start-up support Business planning, cash flow and profit projections Consulting on management buy outs/ins
  • Personal experience
  • Create financial road map
  • Introduce a financial business model
  • Together we apply financial surgery and discipline
  • Assisting with the compilation of effective business plans
  • Cash flow projections
  • Profit projections
  • Assessing the opportunities
  • Review of business synergies
  • Debt refinancing
  • Acquisition financing
  • Business plans
  • Partner buy-outs
  • Sale to management
  • Raising capital
Acquisition, mergers and disposals Statutory secretarial services Forensic audits
  • Formulate an approach strategy with our client
  • Agree on a preliminary view on valuation and financial structuring
  • Approach the target using our top-level contacts where possible
  • Conversions of companies and corporations
  • Maintenance of statutory records
  • Submission of annual returns
  • Amendments to and registration of statutory details
  • Working relations with the investigation and prosecuting agencies
  • Authorisation and control of the audit investigation
  • Rules of evidence governing
  • Admissibility of records
Internal audits Preparation of annual financial statements Management accounts
  • The internal audit activity provides assurance that the internal controls in place are adequate the mitigate the risks
  • The audit also assesses the efficiency and effectiveness of governance processes, and whether organisational goals and objectives are met.
  • 12 Month financial projections
  • Quarterly income statement
  • Three year financial projections
  • Monthly income statement
  • Income statement
  • Expense statement
  • Yearly expense statement
  • Sworn statement for contractor
  • The Wallrich team does an assessment on how your results compare to the budgets and forecasts
  • We evaluate the sales, expenses, debtors and creditor trends
  • Debtor and creditor reports serve as inspiration for our evaluation
Accounting services and advice On the job training of your financial staff Tax planning
  • Wallrich accounting services are extensive and diversified
  • Services are customised and relevant to the needs of every client
  • Advisory services are based on proven financial practices
  • Wallrich training modules will allow your staff to work independently
  • The modules will ensure that your staff are well positioned to sustain a high level of financial performance for your company
  • The Wallrich goal of tax planning is to arrange your financial affairs in such a way so as to minimise your taxes
  • Our focus is on tax planning, payroll taxes, income tax, return preparation for companies, individuals and trusts, statutory tax preparation
Estate planning    
  • Estate planning essentially involves the structuring of your personal financial affairs
  • This will ensure that upon your death, estate duty (“death taxes”) are minimised. that there is sufficient liquidity to meet the estate’s financial obligations and that inheritances are sufficiently protected for your heirs
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Financial ownership

Taking charge of your financial destiny
can be a challenge in these trying times.
There are a myriad of factors to
contemplate, some of which may
leave you destitute should you
decide on the DIY option.

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