Newsletter | 16 May 2014
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Microsoft office for iPad
Getting induction processes right
Being a better manager and leader
Effective delegation
Thank you Monica
Should you pay your home owners association lower contributions
Deadlines looming
Workmans’ compensation – 30 May
Annual IRP5 (PAYE) reconciliation for 2014
– 30 May

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Microsoft office for iPad

Microsoft recently released individual versions of their Word, Excel and PowerPoint programs for iPads, making it possible for users to switch seamlessly between their PC, Mac, tablet and phone. The apps make intuitive use of the iPad’s touch screen, and the sharing features allow you to collaborate with other apps.

Getting induction processes right

In a world where the latest generation of millennial workers are prone to changing jobs, the importance of a good employee induction plan can no longer be ignored. In order to get your induction process right you need to consider:

  • How long it takes new employees to become a productive member of the team
  • How long it generally takes new team members to reach a level of competency so that they can deliver work for a key client in a professional mode
Being a better manager and leader

Today’s challenging business environment requires more from managers and business leaders. Here are a few tips to help you focus on being more effective.

Work to your strengths
Many of us spend too much time worrying about our shortcomings. Try to focus on the things that you are good at and use these strengths for the benefit of the business.

Effective delegation

We all understand the importance of delegation, yet very few know how to do it properly. Here are a few tips to help you delegate work effectively.

Realistic deadlines
It is important to note that overloading your team will have a negative impact, so before you delegate work make sure that you understand how much work they currently have to do. Next, identify any extra capacity in your team and consider whether this is enough to complete a delegated task or project. Set a deadline that is realistic and achievable for the person or team to whom you are delegating the work.


Thank you Monica

We sadly have to say goodbye to Monica Viviers who will retire at the end of May 2014. Monica has been a trusted and valued employee of Lloyd Viljoen for 30 years and a great asset to the firm.

While we will certainly be at loss without Monica’s diligent customer service skills, our best wishes accompany her on her well-deserved retirement.


Should you pay your home owners association lower contributions?

Properties (including freehold land) in cluster complexes or gated communities, other than sectional title schemes such as golf and security estates, are normally owned (full title) by the owner(s) of the particular property.

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