January 2018


Dear Reader,

Welcome back! May 2018 offer you health, success and prosperity. It seems as though everyone is back in the swing of things and the Team at Wallrich is no exception.

Our first newsletter for the year fittingly looks at Key trends to watch in 2018, good company governance, cyber-security and the importance of password security, the execution of strategies and, lastly, the building of powerful networks.

In the TAX News section we discuss The Taxation Laws Amendment Bill which introduces a revised set of rules that will apply to debt restructuring transactions that occur during years of assessment that commence during January 2018. The scope of the new rules are arguably wider than the existing provisions. Some relief is afforded in a domestic group context for dormant companies and debt capitalisation transactions.

We trust that you will find all the articles interesting and helpful. You are welcome to contact us should you require more information on any of the topics covered.

Please remember to view the deadlines, and contact our dedicated team at Wallrich if you need assistance. We look forward to being of service to you.


Rhoderic and Chrisna Roberts

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