July 2017


Dear Reader,

Welcome to our July 2017 newsletter. We are officially more than halfway through winter and on our way to spring, so savour the last glimpses of the winter sun. Snuggle down and enjoy the articles, business tips and information we like sharing with you.

This month we talk about cyber-crime, fake news, Software as a Service and Facebook Live. The tax articles discuss the Income Tax Act that contains specific provisions relating to the timing of the accrual or incurral of interest for tax purposes, as well as the timing of asset disposals and accrual of proceeds, a topic which has been considered by the courts from as far back as 1926.

Remember to view the deadlines for tax returns. The 1st of July was the start of the Tax Season for individuals and trusts. Our dedicated team at Wallrich is ready to assist, so please feel free to contact us anytime.


Rhoderic and Chrisna Roberts

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